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We have walked through the steps of creating the May basket, now it is time to craft your flowers. We have added handles, basket, etc, to your quilt, which at this time you should have created six blocks to make your basket.

How to create flowers:
We are quilting flowers. On the left side of your fabric, you will have invented pink squares. You can trace your pattern to start your project. Trace at least one flower (Choice), use your outside solid lines, and repeat your steps to create the foliage, or leaves. Use the variety of green patterns and use the yellow narrow pieces to create the center of your flower.

You can design roses if you like. Use a variety of greens, red, pink, white, etc, if you intend to create roses and petals. Along the lines, you have marked, cut the fabric strips sewn onto your fabric, the shaped patterns that form your design, cutting only near the lines. Use freezer paper and turn it over so that you reveal the side that does not have a shine. You want to create a starting line for the six centers of your flowers, and the flowers also. Once you mark the 12 parts, mark the leaves (12), marking them inside the dash lines. Now you are ready to cut your shapes.

You will need an iron and board. Use your hot press, or iron to press the flowers on your paper, pressing in the middle of your flowers on the left side and in the middle. You want the glossy paper turned in the direction of your fabric flower at this point. Do the same with the center of the flowers and foliage.

Next, collect your yellow filament/thread and tone it with the center of your flower. If the colors do not match, try another shade of yellow. Run lines of stitches into your cloth, which encloses the ring of the freezer paper. You want to congregate your material around this ring, so pull your filament up at the end. Now, tie your thread, press the ring, and use your starch bottle, spraying the region. Do the same for the center of your flowers.

Next, use your variety of green filaments that match your leaves and collect the allowances at the seam. (1/4 inch) Collect around the foliage and streamlines of stitches along your fabric, about the enclosed region of your ring that is designed on the freezer paper. You want to collect your textile about the ring. Pull your filament/thread up at the finish and tie it, pressing the ring. Again, spray with starch.

When you congregate your allowances at the flower seams, snip the inner points of the flower corolla/petals where the flower collectively forms a ring. You will need to collect your thread that matches the color of your petals, such as pink. Just as you collected the edges of your leaves, do the same for your corollas. Once you finish running stitch lines in your fabric, which you have enclosed freezer paper about the ring, you will need to gather your material about the ring. Next, pull your strands of thread up at the finish. Next, bind your filament and then press the ring. Press, and spray the region with fabric starch. Now seam your allowances, i.e. snip the central points of the leaves, flower center, etc where the flower collectively forms a ring.

PostHeaderIcon When Furnishing a House

When Furnishing a House PhotoEvery time I think about my old house and the garden I always feel there is something left. What is that I don’t know for sure; however, this beautiful Saturday I have set my mind to find out what each of my house part needs. Ok, let’s get started from the garden.

I notice that the garden watering is not in good status; I need a garden hose to make me easy watering at a far end of the garden. The bushes and hedges are also not in good treatment; I don’t wonder because nobody else living with me recently. I guess I need to get a new hedge trimmer or else I will have time to trim them when they reach 5 feet or more. Then after wandering about the garden, I stop and consider that there are no more things I need to get for the garden.

Moving into the house, I directly notice that my living room furniture is already out of date. It is true because I had them for about six years so far. But to replace them with a new one, I am afraid I have thought about this several times, and which in finally I always postpone this one.
Well, what I could do best for the living room this time is only to add some more accessories; something like new painting or wooden statues or just simple things. It is not a kind of easy job to furnish and decorate a medium size house alone especially when I am a single person and a kind of workaholic. I even seldom touch anything in the living room because I prefer taking a bath and then prepare my dinner myself while watching TV. When there is still time, I return to my laptop to do more things of my job. Well, it is not a nice kind of life, isn’t it?